Canaan Mountain Country (Rough & Rugged)

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The Canaan Peak sits smack dab in the middle of the Grand Staircase National Monument. From the vantage point of Canaan Peak you have one of the most spectacular views of the lower end of the Grand Staircase that this country has to offer. If you are anything like me, who has been in love with this country before it was put on the map and deemed a monument, the spectacle from Canaan Peak is a must see. The chance to see this rugged and wild country from 9,183 feet is incredible.
Like many of the other Back Country Ramblings the Canaan has a little history along the trail. One of the first stops along the way to Canaan Peak is the remnants of the old Silver Dollar Sawmill. The sawmill was run by Vern Rappley in the late 1930’s and into the 50’s. He was originally a trucker who ran through this country and thought that there was a market for lumber. During his hauls through this expansive country he took note that there was an abundance of Yellow Pine around Canaan Mountain. He set up shop along the trail that now leads to the Canaan Mountain Peak. Today there are few remnants of the sawmill and its operation. All that is left are a few wood chips and a beat up old truck.

Along with the sawmill operation a few other locals ran sheep in the summertime grazing the summer grass over the hills and canyons of the rugged Canaan Mountain country. Sam Graff, Sam Pollcok and WJ Henderson were some of the biggest outfits that ran through this country back in those days. I am not aware if any of the descendants of these ol’ boys still run sheep in this country anymore. However, like the sawmill, there are a few bits and pieces left letting the future generations know that the operation ever existed. The picture below is of an old hollowed out log that use to act as a water trough, catching the slow dips of water from the few seeps in these mountains.

On a clear day from the peak of Canaan Mountain you can see, Powell Point, the rim of Bryce Canyon, the red rocks of Kodachrome, Mollys Nipple, Grovner Arch, down through Cottonwood, the Wahweep, Navajo Mountain and the smoke from the Page Power Plant. If you are planning to make the venture to the top of the Canaan you had better plan to Hike, ride a horse or drive an ATV. The first part of the road, in good weather conditions, can be made in a four wheel drive vehicle. However the last few miles, once you really start climbing, would be really tough, if not impossible in a full sized vehicle.

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(below is a picture along the road to Cannan Peak through the trees )
(below is Canaan Peak) 
 (below is Navajo Mountain as seen from Canaan Peak)

(below is Powell as seen from the Silver Dollar Sawmill)

(below is a shot of Mollys Nipple and much of the lower end of the Grand Staircase National Monument)
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