Mud Wash Petroglyphs

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When traveling the back roads of Gold Butte it is easy to get caught up in the picturesque desert landscapes that fill this back country. If you lose focus for even a moment you can miss some of the more obscure and little known treasures hidden within these rugged hills.  The Mud Wash Petroglyphs are one of these more obscure gems that make up the treasure that is Gold Butte.
The Mud Wash Petroglyphs are hidden amongst the red sandstone cliff outcroppings in the bottom of Mud Wash. After leaving Devils Throat, traveling west approximately 5 ½ miles towards Red Bluff Springs, you will run into some red sandstone cliffs. It is easy to overlook these cliffs. They are located right where the wash starts to open up and the road levels out so most people start to pick up a little speed here. After just coming off the rough stretch from Devils Throat the smooth road in the wash bed is a welcome relief. You can’t see the petroglyphs when coming from this direction unless you look back as you start to make the turn around the sandstone outcroppings. However if you stop at the red rocks you are sure to find these ancient rock carvings etched into the sandstone cliffs. 
So the next time you take a trip out to Red Bluff Springs, Keyhole Canyon or are taking the Gold Butte Back Country Byway be sure to stop by the Mud Wash Petroglyphs. Its worth the stop.
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Whitney Pockets, Keyhole Canyon, Red Bluff Springs, Cedar Basin, Gold Butte Headquarters
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