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In March 2015, the Clark County Commissioners passed an ordinance designating Moapa Valley as an OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) Friendly Community. This ordinance was passed after years of hard work between individual volunteers, and local, county, state and federal government entities. Since this is a brand new designation, we do not yet have all the details to share. However, as more information becomes available, we will publish it here.

The best source of information we have found at this time came from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department-Overton Resident Facebook Page, the post was copied here in it’s entirety:

Recently the Clark County Commission approved an ordinance making Moapa Valley ATV/OHV friendly. There has been much work put into this by numerous people and organizations. We applaud their hard work and patience.

In reviewing the new law, there are a few things that should stand out to those who will be operating OHV’s in the area. First and foremost, this is a test. There are many eyes in the state of Nevada fixed on Moapa Valley now. Communities throughout the county and state want to know how an OHV friendly town in Nevada will work. We all know that there are OHV friendly towns in other states. We hope for the same success that those towns have experienced. When we say “test”, we mean that at some point, someone is going to ask, “Has it been a positive or a negative to open Moapa Valley to OHV traffic?”
With that said, here are some things that will likely be scrutinized.

1. How many OHV accidents have occurred since enacting of the new laws?
2. How many police calls for service have been generated as a result of OHV riders creating dust and noise?
3. Are OHV riders staying on the designated roads, and especially, are they staying off of Moapa Valley Blvd except to cross?
4. Are OHV riders driving at an appropriate speed?
5. Are OHV riders obeying all other traffic laws?
There may be other questions and concerns people will likely have.

Let me highlight some of the rules of the new ordinance.
1. Only designated roads may be used.
2. You cannot drive on sidewalks.
3. OHV’s may not have more passengers than for which is was originally designed.
4. All operators and passengers of OHV’s must wear a helmet.
5. If possible, OHV’s should be driven on the unpaved shoulder of the road. If this is not possible, OHV’s should be driven on the outer edge of the paved portion of the road.
6. The operator of the OHV MUST possess a valid driver’s license. This is the case for anyone who drives any vehicle on a public road.
7. All traffic laws apply to OHV use on public roads. (speed limits, stop signs, DUI, etc.)

Some other requirements specifically for the OHV itself are:
1. At least one headlamp that illuminates objects at least five hundred feet ahead.
2. At least one tail lamp that is visible five hundred feet from behind.
3. A working stop lamp.
4. A muffler in working order.

In conclusion, we at the LVMPD recognize that this new law can benefit Moapa Valley. We hope that everyone will be able to enjoy their OHV’s. As long as all of us use good judgment and are respectful of others, this will be a positive thing.

A great big thanks to the  local officers of the LVMPD for providing this much needed information!

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