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Moapa Valley Revitalization Project- Youth Committee Project
Deborah Bagley, Committee Project Director
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The art of storytelling through digital media. Preserving the history, culture and performing arts of the Moapa Band of Paiute and the Moapa Valley community. Youth promoting performing arts.

“Vision with action can change the world”.

A short video at local Pow Wow is getting national attention. It has been shown on social media, YouTube, national news, and at special events. If one video can make such an impact, what can many do? With grants, we hope to do just that with this Moapa Youth Project.

The Roots to Rising Youth Media Project is a film-making project that desires to serve the youth of the Moapa Band of Paiutes and Moapa Valley with a hands-on mobile media studio with the aspirations to grow to larger studio capacities. The film-making crews and artists consist of local youth, and Hollywood and film-making student mentors. It is endorsed by the Moapa Band of Paiutes, local artists, museums, educational and community programs.

We will focus on cultural revitalization, visual storytelling, individual journeys and challenges, long-term goals and creative aspirations. The project will use positive real-life experiences that include film workshops, mentorship programs, community events and day camps that incorporate leadership skills and outdoor challenge courses. Goals: instill pride and confidence, preserve cultural traditions, fuel creativity, increase motivation, promote education and job placement, increase community cohesion and civic renewal and encourage overall well being among community youth.

Special thanks to the Youth of Moapa Valley and Project Mentors and Volunteers

Intro to our project- Roots to Rising
Film Directed by Deborah Bagley

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