Logandale Trails Maintenance

7:00 am

Its time to help out and fill in the damn potholes on the payment from the bathrooms to the lower trails.
Closed Toes Shoes required.
Bring a shovel if you have one, and a pair of gloves.
We will be staging at the main bathroom on P.I.C.’s pad…

This year’s activities include patching/repairing potholes on the paved road down to the wash, just past the first restroom. What we are hoping to accomplish is to lay down, spread, and compact approximately 20 tons of type 2 aggregate and 30 tons of cold mix (patch). We will be getting some assistance from Clark County Public Works for hauling material to the site. Then our staff will use heavy equipment to stage it for volunteers to spread and deposit into the holes. Other activities include trash/litter collection, children’s activities, and possibly graffiti removal. But just as much, we want the public to come out and enjoy their public lands.

I believe that we can use up to 30 volunteers for the pavement patching. It would require some moderate to arduous work with shovels and push brooms. For litter collection, we can use as many people as are willing to participate. Graffiti removal is a smaller job and will not be the focus of this project but if we have extra hands we can tackle it.

We would love to have your assistance with making this event a success. Please, let me know if you or your group(s) would like to participate. We will abide by any local COVID-19 restrictions and requirements in order to keep volunteers safe. So, at minimum, masks and social distancing will likely be required. However, the risk should largely be mitigated by virtue of these activities taking place outdoors.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you.
Jimmy Linares
Outdoor Recreation Planner